Makin’ It Happen: A Career in the Performing Arts

Makin’ It Happen: A Career in the Performing Arts podcast gives you inside information on how to break into the professional performance arts industry; on stage including Broadway, in film, on television, commercials, print, voice over and more. Host, Leesa Csolak features a line-up of professional performers, directors, musical directors, choreographers, casting directors, agents and managers as well as parents of minors; all here to help you understand their world, their journey and how you, too can be a part of it all. For more information on how to create, curate and navigate a career in the performing arts, visit

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2 days ago

Welcome to the latest episode of Making It Happen, a Career in the Performing Arts. Join host Leesa Csolak, CEO and founder of Making It Happen, as she delves into the intricacies of breaking into the performing arts industry. This episode features a conversation with Ellen Sauchelli, founder of Stage Door Designs, who shares invaluable insights on supporting your child or teen's journey in the arts.
From managing auditions and creating professional resumes to building essential digital portfolios and websites, Ellen and Leesa discuss the importance of having a solid support system and the right tools. They also explore the balance between pursuing a career in the arts and living a well-rounded teenage life. Ellen shares personal stories of her son's journey, highlighting the importance of taking breaks and enjoying life outside of the industry.
Whether you're a parent considering this path for your child or a young adult looking to navigate the industry, this episode is packed with practical advice and heartfelt stories. Don't miss out on learning how to make your or your child's performing arts career a reality!
For more information on professional performance industry support, visit and schedule your free, no-obligation consultation with Leesa Csolak. Connect with Stage Door Designs on Instagram at @stagedoorbway or visit their website at

Sunday May 19, 2024

Discover the story of Jake, a shining talent in the performing arts, as his mother Ellen Sauchelli joins Leesa Csolak on the Making It Happen podcast. This episode emphasizes the importance of spotting and nurturing talent early on, guiding young performers through the industry, and the essentials of finding effective training programs. Moreover, the discussion tackles the crucial role of networking for parents and the balancing act of supporting your child's dreams amidst family life.
Experience the auditions, triumphs, and trials of a young actor's journey to theater success in this intriguing podcast episode. Learn about the highs and lows, the friendships and experiences that are part and parcel of the theater industry, as narrated by a supportive family. The episode further showcases how pursuing a career for young talents can be a family adventure, especially when balanced with relationships with agents and managers. The podcast is an invaluable guide for budding actors or their families.
In this insightful episode, the unique challenges and demands faced by parents of talented youngsters in the performing arts industry are explored. Our guest Ellen, a veteran of managing her child's rise in the industry, offers a wealth of advice on communication, balance, informed decision making, schooling, audition techniques, and industry expectations.
Alongside, she also underscores the importance of understanding your child's passion, supporting their dream, and maintaining their happiness amidst the whirlwind of performance art. Special insights into dealing with teachers, varying curriculums, and juggling educational and show-business commitments offer listeners a real-world understanding of the intertwined life of stage and school.
Join us for part one of the interview, and don't miss the sequel where we continue to delve into practical advice based on Ellen's experiences. Ellen's work with Stage Door Designs can be found on Instagram at @StageDoorbway. For specific industry advice or to kickstart your performance career, check out Leesa's website at and schedule a free consultation.
Tune in next Sunday at 8 pm Eastern for part two of our enlightening chat with Ellen.

Sunday May 05, 2024

Join Leesa Csolak, renowned CEO and founder of 'Making It Happen: A Career in the Performing Arts', as she hosts a special guest, Glenn Cook, in Part 2, an enlightening podcast episode focused on guiding young talents into the performing arts industry. This episode provides an in-depth exploration of Glenn's own experiences, nurturing his children, Ben and Emma Cook's artistic talent while ensuring their safety, innocence and education are uncompromised.
Drawing from his son's journey through Broadway's Billy Elliot and Newsies, Glenn offers a unique insight into the significance of professional schooling for touring performers, maintaining academic balance, and the vital role played by child guardians in this industry.
Further into the episode, Glenn talks about the complexities of maintaining relationships while touring, the unique benefits of being educators themselves, and his children's transition into adulthood in this industry. The discussions make an intriguing shift as he details his own journey as a writer, touching various topics around the performing arts, their challenges and rewards.
Equally beneficial to parents of budding stars, aspiring young performers or anyone simply drawn by the dazzling world of performing arts– this episode promises to offer invaluable insights. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and stay updated with more enriching narratives. For more information, check out

Sunday Apr 28, 2024

In this compelling episode of "Making It Happen - A Career in the Performing Arts," Leesa Csolak, the CEO, founder and our seasoned host engages with Glenn Cook, a parent who has effectively steered his children's careers in the entertainment world. Glenn shares about his journey, full of audition misadventures and Broadway triumphs, and how he supports his children in the demanding performing arts industry.
With Glenn's insightful anecdotes and Leesa's insider expertise, they discuss the significant parental role in cultivating talent and shaping the career of a young actor. This interaction provides not just engaging storytelling but also invaluable advice from auditions to representation, confronting rejections, being resilient, and discovering the profession's unexpected benefits.
This episode highlights the importance of a quality performing arts school in sparking a young performer's career and the unique challenges one may face living outside conventional professional work areas. It also underlines the significance of teamwork and passion in an acting career. As Glenn talks about his son's Broadway debut and the mantra steering their journey, both budding performers and their parents will gain insightful tips to fuel their progression in the industry.
Join us in this enlightening conversation that showcases a firsthand perspective on personal growth, grit, and fervor in the performing arts. Tune in, get inspired and discover how to efficiently and elegantly "Make it Happen" in this vibrant world.
Don't forget to look into our numerous resources such as webinars, seminars, free guides, and online courses that could be the essential guidance you've been looking for. All resources are available at

Sunday Apr 21, 2024

In this enlightening episode of 'Making It Happen', host Leesa Csolak speaks with Shannon Tubman, a mother, who successfully guided her daughters' journey in the performing arts industry. Shannon opens up about the importance of nurturing unique talents, learning industry etiquettes, and the reserve of parents in the face of challenges and auditions. 
Dive headfirst into the reality of managing anticipated hurdles and overwhelming triumphs when your child chooses a career in acting. Discover the shared elements between a child's journey in acting, sports, and music requiring equal parts sacrifice, spontaneity, and adaptability. Shannon shares crucial advice on making the acting journey an enjoyable stress-free experience for the child and the corresponding family.
Understand how school plays a crucial role amidst auditions and callbacks while maintaining a balance with a demanding acting schedule. From sharing unique audition experiences to offering expert advice on academic achievements, Shannon unravels the unknown aspects of a child's journey in the acting industry. Learn the importance of embracing a child's unique character and the impact parental attitude can make in their professional journey.
Lastly, get a real-time peek into the life of high school student and actor Echo, her rhythm in academics, and her audition experiences. Cheer for Echo's academic accomplishments and discover her sister Sophie's passionate involvement in school theater. The episode brings to light the enriching impact of arts in a child's life, striking the right balance with academics, and creating priceless memories through their journey.
As the episode progresses, Shannon shares her trusting relationship with their agents, their unified bonding activities outside auditions, their collective enthusiasm for animals, and their treasured experiences as volunteers. She also talks about their involvement in The Trevor Project and how it impacted their lives profoundly.
Come, be a part of this enlightening journey, as Shannon recounts the journey of nurturing and balancing her children's professional career with the unforgettable family bonds they created along the way.

Sunday Apr 14, 2024

Episode Overview
In this enlightening episode of Making It Happen, join host Leesa Csolak as she discusses the intricate world of the performing arts industry from the unique perspective of a parent. Speaking with guest Teresa Pfefferle, mother of a young performer, listeners will gain practical strategies and valuable insights for helping their child seamlessly break into this incredibly competitive field.
Episode Highlights
Listeners will learn about the rigors of auditioning, rehearsing, and fulfilling professional commitments as a young artist. Teresa shares her personal experiences, comparing the dynamics of professional pursuits with that of school plays, and emphasizes the importance of maintaining open communication and balance with your blossoming talent. Hear firsthand accounts of the challenging and rewarding journey of fostering a child's artistic passion without compromising their academics or personal growth.
Additional Insights
Tune in as we discuss the importance of decision-making and finding a balance that works specifically for your family. This episode provides a profound and invigorating peek into the world of showbiz parenting, filled with invaluable advice on managing roles, dealing with agents, preparing children for auditions, and more. We also address managing the pressure of schooling and personal development amidst pursuing passion, highlighting the benefits of distance learning programs.
Pave Your Way To Broadway
Dig deeper into the world of Broadway in a special segment featuring the mother-daughter duo of Broadway hopeful Lila Pfefferle and her mom, Laura. Learn about their collaborative process, the challenges and shifts brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, and their anticipation for Lila, soon to turn 18, stepping into the professional world of auditions.
Helpful Resources
Connect with us on social media at ttrigas and follow Lila's journey on lila_pfefferle. For more information about online courses to aid your break into the performing arts industry, visit

Sunday Apr 07, 2024

In this episode of "Making It Happen: A Career in the Performing Arts," we present an engaging conversation with Teresa Pfefferle, the driving force behind her child's successful performing career. Hosted by Leesa Csolak, this episode unveils the intriguing roller-coaster journey of parenting a child actor, offering practical advice, insights and a peek into the intricate world of child acting.
From the bustling streets of New York to the pressures of casting rooms, Teresa shares her firsthand experiences and valuable insights about the performing arts industry. Our discussion explores various aspects, including casting auditions, managing agents, legalities, and obtaining the required education for child actors.
The episode also highlights the unique challenges faced by parents nurturing their children's talents at an early age. Whether you are a parent of a budding performer or you are intrigued by the performing arts scene, this episode is an essential listen. Dive deep into the world of child acting, learn about behind-the-scenes terms such as "callback" and "being on hold," and unearth practical information about the actual experiences on set.
We also emphasize the crucial role the parents and the entire backing team play in ensuring the child's success in the industry, from staying updated about industry trends to fostering constant training, even outside of auditions. Join us as we unravel the exhilarating yet challenging narrative of Teresa's journey in the child acting industry and learn invaluable tips on nurturing your child's performing arts dreams.

Sunday Mar 24, 2024

Dive into the captivating episode of 'Making it Happen: A Career in the Performing Arts' with Leesa Csolak and actor, dancer, and singer Curtis Holland. Known for his contributions on Broadway, Holland shares insights into breaking into the performing arts industry, finding professional representation, and establishing a successful career.
In the episode Holland shares his journey in the performing arts, from experiencing his early encounters with musical theater to embarking on a vocal training journey. 
Listen to this enriching episode that uncovers essential elements for pursuing and thriving in a performing arts career. Find out how genuine love for the arts, hard work, persistence, and readiness to evolve, contributes to success in any given field. This narrative truly resonates with anyone wishing to make it big in any industry.
Also, get rare glimpses into Holland's professional space transformation, handling unexpected career changes, interpreting the importance of 'fit' in casting, and understanding the diverse forms of success beyond Broadway.
The episode winds down, outlining the significance of authenticity, and the need to express oneself while savoring the journey, despite the challenges the industry presents. 
Join us on Sundays at 8 p.m. Eastern for more insightful dialogues on succeeding in the performing arts industry. For more nuggets, follow us at LeesaCsolak_ LBCTalent. 

Sunday Mar 17, 2024

In the latest episode of 'Making It Happen', our podcast tailored for budding performers, we explore Broadway artist Curtis Holland's journey in the performing arts. From his initial steps at arts schools and dance companies, to making the top 20 on FOX's So You Think You Can Dance television show, to his successful career on Broadway, Curtis reveals the trials and triumphs of his path.
Worthwhile for performers at all levels, this eye-opening discussion also dives into the nuances between competitive and recreational dance spaces, and how each contributes to a performer's skill set. Tune in for an honest look into the performing arts industry.
Drawing upon Curtis's experiences, we explore different ways to climb professional ladders and how persistence, individual growth, and learning are key.
Subscribe to 'Making It Happen' to stay updated with more inspiring stories and a realistic reflection of the performing arts industry.

Sunday Dec 10, 2023

Join Leesa Csolak as she interviews guest, JoAnn Shober , mom of singer, actress, dancer, Quinn Fucci. 
Quinn has been represented by an agent since a young age of five. She is now 14 years old, and is repped by a huge bi-coastal agency and is auditioning for top national and worldwide projects.
The change in her representation occurred after her mom took Leesa's online course, Professional Kids & Teens 101: A Primer for Parents during the pandemic and worked with Leesa one on one. 
JoAnn shares what it takes to have a young child performer auditioning regularly, and working on sets for commercial work, commercial print, film, and television as well as auditioning for Broadway. 
If you have a child or teen who loves to sing, dance or act, you do not want to miss this episode.
Tune in to listen wherever you get your podcasts or watch on my YouTube channel at ‘makin’ it happens with Leesa Csolak. 
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Leesa Csolak

In Her Own Words...

"I have been obsessed over the course of the past forty years about why the performance industry is such a closed-door industry with no real information available to the average person. The idea of trying to ‘break into’ the business is thwarted by most parents and adults throughout the United States and abroad, honestly due to the lack of available honest and true information.

Of those who are in the business whether just starting or successfully navigating a career, many remain confused and travel blindly. Much of which breeds a sense of fear and subsequent ownership of what knowledge and understanding they have, creating the need to keep information close to the chest.

As a professional in the industry, an entrepreneur, and a parent of three children, one of whom dabbled at a young age and the other two who successfully worked in many aspects of the child, teen and now are in the adult professional performance industry working on Broadway, in Film and Television, Commercials and Voice Over successfully. (Thank you, Claire, at Gilla Roos, NYC and Shirley, Dave, and Laura of Shirley Grant Management for the early years) I have vowed to change that mantra." 

My ground-breaking Online Courses, 'Professional Kids & Teens 101; A Primer for Parents' and 'Professional Biz 201; Young Adults, College Students & Grads' teach everything you need to know to create, curate and navigate this elusive industry. I share inside information that no one else will to not only get your career or your child or teen's career started but I give you all the tools you need to secure professional representation (getting a manger or agent). 

If you are looking to do this right the first time and not get lost trying to navigate this business by trial and error, I am your best resource. My track record speaks for itself as I have helped 100's of clients bridge from being talented in Acting, Dance and or Voice into the professional career they always dreamed of... If you are a parent of a talented child or are considering a life in the arts yourself, this is  THE door into succeeding in this industry. 

My podcast gives you inside info featuring a line-up of professional performers, directors, musical directors, choreographers, casting directors, agents and managers; all here to help you understand their world, their journey and how you, too can be a part of it all.

You, too can have the career of your dreams.  

Don't let anyone tell you, you can't.


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